Thursday, March 11, 2010

And the journey begins

We got the machine set up in my garage and started taking a few notes. First, my garage / workshop is a mess. I have unfinished projects, bikes, tools, bags of I don’t know what, and stuff I’ve been saving for something that I can’t remember.

Next, on the Pinball machine: The display isn’t working correctly, a ball is caught in the upper right “popper”, the batteries are corroded, and the flippers aren’t working.

I really wanted to dig in immediately, but it was late, I had someplace to be, and I really wanted to do this right. I’ve imposed a limit on myself. I have to finish a few things before I’ll allow myself to start.

First, clean up and organize the shop. Next, read the manual for the machine. Then read the “Beginner Guide” on and read it all of the way through before I do anything.

It was Sunday evening before I finished all of that.

The first thing I did Sunday night was to get my camera out and take about 50 pictures. Not only because when I’m done I will want before and after shots, but also for reference. I’m certain a time will come when I don’t remember where a wire used to be or which direction something is mounted and a picture will be priceless.

When I was done, it was movie time with the family, so the real work would start on Monday night after work. What did we watch? Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I haven’t seen it in twenty years at least. It still held the same magic for me.

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