Monday, March 15, 2010

Display Problems

This is driving me bonkers.  I just checked all of the traces from U41 on the main board to J22, the connector.  I toned out everything on one side of the chip.  Everything was going OK and making sense.

I'm trying to do some recommended tests on the chips on the display but things aren't adding up!

  Schematic of the display board showing U1 being a 6118 Chip.

Picture of my board showing U1 being a 4050 Chip

Is my display board out of some other game?  I need that schematic!  Or am I just reading this wrong?

Here is the whole board:


  1. if the partnr of the board matches - the schematic is wrong (probably it is)

    btw I link to your blog from my blog where I keep links to other pinball blogs - always appreciate a link back to

  2. Look at your manual on page 34 - it says that U1 is in fact a 4050. Wouldn't be the first time there's an error in a manual.

    You may have the wrong schematic too. Does the P/N for the display listed in the schematic match the P/N on your display? I believe 2 different displays were used depending on whether you have an earlier or later F-14, but I'm not sure if that would be the issue or not.

  3. Correct. Just to clarify for anyone stumbling across this blog. The schematic shown is for Alphanumeric Display Board D-11416. Display Board number D-11610 has the same layout, but the chips are labeled differently. On that board U1 is a 4050. The boards are interchangeable