Thursday, March 25, 2010

In case you were thinking I might make some kind of business out of this:

Let me start by saying that I never had any intention of making any kind of living doing this.  I did think that maybe I could buy a machine cheap, then fix it up really nicely, sell it, then take the proceeds to buy 2 cheap machines.  The idea is to build the stable of pinball machines so to speak, also to gain more money to get into the more expensive pinballs.

This new hobby also couldn't cost my family anything.  I "borrowed" money from our budget to start this hobby and I need to pay the family back.  I swore we wouldn't miss a vacation or something because I spent our money on pinball machines.

I've put up for sale a lot of stuff I had laying around so I could pay my budget back right away. I've almost got that accomplished.

I put together a spreadsheet of all of the things I've purchased and a worst case cost of those things that I still need.

I'm new to this hobby, so I have no connections.  Having no connections means I may have paid too much for this F-14 Tomcat.  But I was itching to go and it was cheaper than I had originally budgeted.  Also, having no connections means at this time every part comes at a premium.  I have no buddies with 8 year old plastics in a drawer somewhere that they'll sell me cheap.

I have a lot of nice F-14's on my watch list on eBay.  Not one is priced lower than $1,495, which you would think would be encouraging.  But not one has sold.

My only hope of staying right side up on this pinball machine is to find the toppers for less than $135, find replacement plastics cheap, and to repair the backboard display instead of replacing it.  I could go without the decals, but, it needs the decals.

I have had a VERY good time working on this machine and I can't wait for more.  I'm not in this to make money.  I just posted this to burst the bubble of anyone who is thinking of starting the hobby to try and make money.  You'll need one of two kinds of connections.

1. Someone who will sell nice machines, cheap.
2. Someone who will buy machines for a lot more than they're worth.

There is one last problem.  I really like the F-14.  I don't want to sell it.  I want to play it.

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