Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday Night Maintenance

Many things happen Wednesday's when I have Chad's help.

The spinner switch was fixed.  It just required some bending.  There was a diode loose on the right (currently good) flipper which we soldered back into place.  We replaced some lightbulbs, did a trial on a couple of LED's, cleaned up the grunge with Novus 1, and finally, yes finally, checked all of the fuses.  It turns out I had 3 over rated fuses in the box.  They were only off by .5 to 1 amp, but that can be enough to cause problems.

Also, we replaced the left flipper which had stopped working.  I wonder if it stopped working because of this artful wiring job some "tech" did:

Yea, he even used wire nuts on the capacitor.  I think this was actually more work than just soldering it.  I wonder if this wiring had anything to do with the coil failing.

There's only one other interesting thing about this flipper rebuild.  There is a secondary switch on the main flippers.  Here it is pre rebuild:

Here is the after shot.

The rebuild kit only came with one switch, so we cleaned up and reused the original switch. 

And here it is from the other side.  No more wire nuts.

Edit:  I thought that I should add a couple of things.  First, I bought two rebuild kits that included the parts to rebuild 4 flippers.  I rebuilt the top left flipper, then pulled parts out from the same bag for the lower left flipper. 

The plunger assembly all comes together and apparently, it matters which side they go on.  You can't use one rebuild kit to rebuild two lefts.  They are meant for one left and one right.  You may be able to take apart the linkage and flip a part over so the tab that moves the EOS switch is oriented correctly.  I haven't checked that yet.  But it's something to think about when buying a rebuild kit.

Second, the game is finally playable.  I posted 1.8 million last night.  I'm sure I'm not breaking any records but I'm starting to figure out the rules and flow and I have to say that I'm liking it a lot. 

This past week I fixed a doorbell, our clothes dryer, and my pinball flippers.  I like fixing things, but fixing the pinball machine has a much better effort to fun ratio.  It's nice that my clothes are dry, but I'm not inviting any friends over to have a beer and dry clothes with me until midnight.

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  1. "It's nice that my clothes are dry, but I'm not inviting any friends over to have a beer and dry clothes with me until midnight."

    That's classic...