Monday, April 19, 2010

20 hours of driving over 1,100 miles

This isn't going to get out of hand, Remember that?

March 29th – Brookfield, Wi – Midwest Gaming Classic – Purchased a $10 display, got a free bottle of Frank’s Hot Sauce, Passed on a Xenon for $450 which I regretted 15 minutes later.

April 9th – St. Charles, Il - Chicago Coin-op Show Flea Market

April 10th – St. Charles, Il - Chicago Coin-op Show

April 12th – Brookfield, Il – Met Ken who had a project Pinbot machine Chad was interested in.

April 13th – Indianapolis, In – Picked up a Williams “Blackout” purchased from Josh. He needs some parts and I said I’d look up in Kalamazoo.

April 16th – Dyer, In – Picked up a “Banzai Run” cabinet from Matt who had done the work for Scott on RGP. We picked it up to deliver to Eric, who would then deliver it to Scott. We were meeting Eric at the “Pinball at the Zoo” show. Matt’s got a neat workshop and we discussed spray booths. I bought 3 black pinballs from him. One will go in my “Blackout” that I picked up way back … 3 days ago.

April 17th – Drove through to Kalamazoo and spent the night.  We then drove 15 minutes to Ron’s house to pick up an F-14 cabinet that is in much better shape than mine. Met his friend Todd.

April 17th – Kalamazoo, Continued – “Pinball at the Zoo” show. Many things for sale, some good deals, others… good just out of my price range. Played many games, searched for many parts. It was in a room the size of a high school gym but we were busy all day. There was a reptile show next door. There were lizards for sale.

Items purchased in Kalamazoo:

$100 - F-14 Cabinet, Topper, Legs, and Misc parts still attached.  It's in much better shape than mine and will now make it unnecessary to spend $250 on new cabinet decals.
$20 - Populated “Jungle Lord” playfield. It had a lot better plastics than mine. Between this one and mine I can make a complete game.
$5 – Various LED’s
$2 – Caramel Cream Soda
$12 – XXL Pinball at the Zoo t-shirt.
$3 – White stationary target for my F-14.
$2 – Played Iron Man, just to pump in a couple of bucks. I play it plenty down the street at GameWorks.

Stopped for dinner in Benton Harbor. There was a game room with a NASCAR in it. We pumped a couple of bucks into it before we left.

When the U-Haul trailer was returned and everyone was home and I was able to relax, it was 9 PM on Saturday night. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I remember saying that I wouldn’t let this get out of hand. Twenty hours of driving over 1,100 miles, meeting 8 new people, making 4 or 5 pick-ups or deliveries…. was all of that out of hand?

There were a lot of things that we were waiting to start “After Pinball at the Zoo”. I’m glad we’re there. It’s really time to stop running around and get back to work. I have 3 non-functional pinball machines, a half dozen new tools, dozens of new parts, and a messy workshop.  I haven’t touched any of them in a while and I can't wait to get back to it.

Coming soon, pop-bumper repair.

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