Friday, September 3, 2010

Home Made Playfield Rotisserie

I've finally reached the point where it's time to work on the playfield.  I have seen three or four of these home made playfield rotisseries and since it costs about $250 to buy one pre-built I thought it prudent to make my own.

This is with about $60 worth of parts from the hardware store.  Chad helped make it (them really, we made two) and I'm very proud of it.  The feet on the bottom swivel away for easy storage and they may it rock solid.

If there's one flaw, it's that I made it too big.  The playfield sits maybe 8 inches higher off the table than it has to.  I'll be modifying it a little to drop the "pivot" hardware the eight inches.  It shouldn't take long to do.

One day when I'm feeling a bit more industrius, I'll post the measurements. 

1 comment:

  1. I'm hoping to get my F-14 on Monday night and I'm considering doing a complete playfield tear down and clean up. Love to see the plans, parts needed and dimensions for this.