Saturday, November 27, 2010

One last pass on those slingshots and pop bumper

Unfortunately, no pictures on this post.  Entering the home stretch, I put the playfield back in, put the old head on, connected the wires, and it all worked beautifully -- Except for the slingshots and pop bumper.

I thought that maybe my past board repairs failed, but I learned some things about troubleshooting coils.  If you connect a wire to ground, and then touch the metal tab on the transistor for that coil, if everything is correct, the coil will fire.

Also, you can touch the ground to the non-power lead on the coil (maybe you can touch either tab, I'm not sure and I wasn't going to try this late in the game) and it will fire, if everything is correct.

None of the coils would fire.  I checked the power and accidentally fixed the problem.  The coils were getting about 25 volts.  I tested the voltage up at the power supply, and it was 40 volts.  This seemed odd.  So I checked the coils again and they were at 40 volts, and they were now working.

Just touching the wire going to the power supply was enough to re-seat the wire well enough to get a good connection all of the way through.  Knowing this, I replaced the whole connector, and the game is 100% now.

I just have to slide it into place, put the new glass on it, and be done!

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