Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dear Alex,

My nephew Alex.  I have not lost any interest in pinball or restoring mine.  I know I have this habit of starting on some interest only to abandon it after a few months, your concerns are valid; however, this isn't the case!

This blog was supposed to be of my work on my F-14 Tomcat and until last Wednesday, I hadn't touched it in a while.

I took a trip to Jamaica, got a new job, helped Chad repair a power supply on a Secret Service, helped him move it into the basement, I also helped him pick it up in the first place.  Also, he got a sorcerer, which we drove for 6 hours to get on Memorial day.

I've spent many hours working on his pinball machines and to be honest, enjoying playing!  I've logged many hours on the F-14 but no one wants to read that, I don't think.

Last week I replaced two 6821 chips and completed a bunch of work that I will put up on the blog this weekend.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I'll have something else up soon and I think I'll split the blog to include all pinball related activity going forward.


Uncle Mike

PS:  This update is also for the guy in Norway that reads my blog.  Sorry!  Also, it's OK for you to call me Uncle Mike too.