Sunday, December 18, 2011

And the blog wakes up again, like a horror movie monster.

Recently, I was asked by someone who found this blog why I didn't blog anymore.  My answer was, I was kind of done with this project, but I always meant to continue in some other way.  I'll be trying to figure out a way to put this blog in some other format that can be indexed by subjects like, "Rebuilding Flippers", "Rebuilding Targets", etc.
 Mark asked me, (Oh, his name is Mark, Hi Mark!) some questions about pinball as he was new to the hobby.  It sparked something for me.  I have learned a ton and demystified many subjects for myself.  However, I'm still new enough to remember those things that completely had me confused at first.

Thus, I start phase two of this blog.  Explaining stuff that will help a beginner better understand how a pinball machine works.  Understanding these concepts will really cut down on troubleshooting time and costly mistakes.

Things like:

How does a coil work in the context of a pinball machine?
What is a switch/light matrix?
What resources are available to me to learn about [Soldering, Electronics, Buying a pinball machine, etc]
My display is out, how do I tell what I need to re-order?  Why would I buy an LED replacement?
LEDs are cool, why are they flickering?  How do I make it stop?
I brushed away all of the bad looking stuff that leaked from my batteries, do I really have to do more to fix it?

And other stuff I remember as I go along.

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